Sunday, April 05, 2009

A Cobb Salad at the Q-Shack

A buddy of mine and I had lunch at the new Q-Shack in Carrboro. He had a brisket sandwich. I had been curious about the Cobb Salad which had been recommended, so I ordered one. The salad was huge. It was made up of Romaine lettuce, cubed avocado, hard-boiled eggs and tomatoes covered with a layer of chopped smoked turkey and beef brisket. Overall, the salad tasted fantastic. The first bites of chopped brisket were a little fatty, giving a greased feel to the tongue. But that was only that little bit, as the rest was very good. My buddy, who is a Texas barbecue fan, thought the brisket was a little fatty and not the best brisket he has had in the Triangle, but not the worst either. I will return to give the Q-Shack a proper review. I do recommend the Cobb Salad.

Update: This Q-Shack has now closed.

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