Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Double J's BBQ Ranch - New Florence MO

While driving across Missouri, we ran into a traffic jam on I 70. We got off the interstate and stopped at Double J's BBQ Ranch for lunch. The decor in the restaurant is definitely not like any BBQ joint in NC. The walls are decked with Cowboy regalia, up to the restrooms for Cowboys and Cowgirls.
We ordered chopped pork and beef brisket sandwiches. The pork was nicely smoked with a good flavor, but was drowned with Kansas City style sauce. The brisket was not bad, but also was drowned in the sauce. This is the way KC style is. I do prefer NC style, when the meat is not drowned in the sauce.
The highlight of the meal was a side of baked beans. The beans were cooked with chunks of ham and diced sweet peppers.
This stop was a interesting diversion from my normal NC barbecue experience. We didn't do any more barbecue on the rest of the trip out to Seattle.

The Filling Station - Robersonville NC

After finding B's closed for vacation and the next several barbecue places closed on Mondays, I finally stopped at the Filling Station in Robersonville NC. This is not the standard barbecue place, but more of a meat and three Southern restaurant. I did try the barbecue, but I do not thing they smoke their own. It was pretty standard Eastern style, with the flat flavor of reheating.
What stood out from this visit was the building itself. It is an old pack house converted to a large dining room. Back in the 1940's, a local artist painted murals on the walls above the normal wall height. The art evokes 19th century folk art, with a touch of Grandma Moses. I couldn't get acceptable photos.
Stop by the restaurant for the art and decent Southern cooking, but not for the barbecue.

Lexington Barbecue Video

Recently, the Barbecue Jew blog posted about this video on Lexington barbecue on the Davidson County web-site. It really is a good, if dry, introduction to general Lexington barbecue. There are variations in style elsewhere around the Triad, but the differences are what makes NC barbecue fun. If the barbecue is as dry as this video, you need to add a little dip.

You need to scroll down to find the video. NoScript complained about the play button, but there was no particular technical problem.