Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Ole NC Barbecue, the Saga

Ole NC Barbecue in Durham is in its third location since I first ate there many years ago. All three locations have been in or adjacent to North Duke Mall.
Originally, the restaurant had a pretty good size slot in the south side of the mall, where El Rodeo is now. They served a Southern buffet for years.
Sometime in the 1990's, the restaurant moved into an outbuilding that had housed a steakhouse. They expanded the buffet, but kept much of the steakshouse decor. It was one of the fancier old time BBQ joints I'd eaten at.
This year, the bank repossessed the building. It is now sitting empty with an "Owned by Bank" sign. The restaurant has moved into a small space with few tables in the back side of the mall. It is no longer a buffet restaurant, but serves a limited "Meat and Two or Three" and BBQ sandwiches from a counter.
I tried a BBQ sandwich. It was acceptable, but a little spicy to my taste.

Allen and Son (Pittsboro) acquires Jackson Brothers in Sanford

Jackson Brothers in Sanford has closed and become an Allen and Son restaurant. Hopefully, they'll continue to use the same smoker and barbecue sauce recipe.
My review of Jackson Brothers