Wednesday, March 17, 2010

BBQ Pit Camp at Tanglewood in May

The Winston-Salem Journal has reported that the NC Barbecue Society is hosting a BBQ Pit Camp at Tanglewood Park near Clemmons on May 14-15 2010. This event is not being reported in the NC Barbecue Society calndar of events on their web page. For info, call John Early (765-6227) or email him at

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Lexington Six (Four? ) Pack

In NC barbecue circles, the Lexington Six Pack were six decent barbecue restaurants in Lexington NC. These were Lexington #1 (Honey Monks), Jimmy's, John Wayne's, Speedy's, Stamey's (on I 85 Business) and Southern BBQ. When I started this blog, I had intended to visit and review all six. It turns out that I was too late.
There still are Stamey's restaurants around. There is one out on NC 150 with a Lexington address, but that is not the one in the Six Pack. There are others in Greensboro, who have Lexington roots. I need to investigate to see if the remaining Lexington Stamey's is connected to the one on I 85 Business.
It appears that Southern BBQ has become Smiley's. This also needs some investigation.
The only one of the remaining four that I have not visited is Jimmy's. It seems that the only day I get into Lexington for lunch is Tuesday and Jimmy's is closed on Tuesdays.

RIP, BBQ Ribs and Co.

The last of the BBQ Ribs & Co restaurant in Graham has closed. There is a for lease sign at the road and a moving van in the back. This chain had great food in a fast food venue. When the corporate owners closed the chain, the Graham location became an independent. Now, it is all gone.