Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Sticky Fingers - Augusta GA

Address - 277 Robert C. Daniel Parkway, Augusta, GA 30909 Website
Style - Sit-down restaurant

In Augusta for Christmas, my extended family decided to go to Stickey Fingers for a family dinner. This is one of a chain, based in Charleston SC. There is one in Wilmington NC, so it fits with this blog.

While waiting for a table, we saw an autographed picture and letter from President Bush posted on the wall. The pictures showed the president carrying a Sticky Fingers carry-out bag out of the front door of the main Charleston location and the president with the staff of the location. This certainly does impress.

The menu focuses on ribs, in various plates and combinations and with a number of different sauces and rubs. Our party ordered ribs, pulled pork barbecue or grilled chicken sandwiches (for those who do not eat barbecue).

The server first brought a basket on corn muffins, which were excellent. They were sweet and hot from the oven. My sister-in-law was glad that there weren't any refills, because she would fill up on the muffins.

I ordered ribs with Carolina Sweet Sauce and pulled pork barbecue, with baked apples and baked beans on the side. The ribs were decent. The ribs were heavy with meat on one side, making it easy to eat. My fingers did not get sticky. The pulled pork was drier than NC style, which needed extra barbecue sauce to make the consistency right, but it tasted good. The baked beans were as expected. The baked apples tasted homemade. It was a pleasant change from the expected fried apples.

The grilled chicken is described as being marinated for thirty-six hours (I think). Reports from the table indicated that the chicken was excellent.

Once I try the Wilmington NC location, I'll rate this restaurant further. Right now, I give a tentative Recommended.