Saturday, October 17, 2009

BARBECUE FOR U2", Cooper's BBQ on The Story

The Story is a daily radio program is produced at North Carolina Public Radio - WUNC and is hosted by Dick Gordon. Dick interviews people from all walks of life and tells their stories. In the April 8 broadcast, Dick interviewed Debbie Holt, owner of the Cooper's BBQ in Raleigh. Debbie tells the story of delivering barbecue for 25 to U2's private jet after their concert in Raleigh. The program can be downloaded at the web-page. The hour-long program has two stories. The interview with Debbie starts at 31:00 and runs 17:00.

U2's manager found out about Cooper's by Googling and finding that Cooper's is considered among the best. Cooper's is very good, but not necessarily the absolute best. Apparently, the band loved the barbecue and will order again when they're playing in town, which is good PR for NC barbecue.