Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Acceptable - Dixie Bell's - Apex NC

Address - 1241 Laura Village Rd, Apex Map
Style - Fast food restaurant

The restaurant is in building that was built as a fast food restaurant. Outside, there is a small wood smoker encased in walls to match the rest of the building. I do not know how they can produce enough pork for the restaurant and catering business in that small smoker. They must have a smoker elsewhere (or shudder, gas).

Ordering is at a cash register. They give you a glass to serve yourself a drink from the usual machines and then bring your order to the table.

My lunch was a regular pulled pork with four (count'em, four) hushpuppies, regular slaw (they have BBQ slaw as well), potato salad and tea. The hushpuppies were nothing to write home about, as was the slaw, but the potato salad was real homemade. It was a little tart for my taste, but the texture and quality of the potatoes were excellent. The pork was wood smoked with a decent crust, but a little bland. I used the on table sweet dark sauce on the meat, which helped. The sauce reminded me of Danny's, which is good.

For fast food bbq, it was above average, but for great fast food bbq, visit BBQ Ribs & Co is Siler City and elsewhere.