Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Double J's BBQ Ranch - New Florence MO

While driving across Missouri, we ran into a traffic jam on I 70. We got off the interstate and stopped at Double J's BBQ Ranch for lunch. The decor in the restaurant is definitely not like any BBQ joint in NC. The walls are decked with Cowboy regalia, up to the restrooms for Cowboys and Cowgirls.
We ordered chopped pork and beef brisket sandwiches. The pork was nicely smoked with a good flavor, but was drowned with Kansas City style sauce. The brisket was not bad, but also was drowned in the sauce. This is the way KC style is. I do prefer NC style, when the meat is not drowned in the sauce.
The highlight of the meal was a side of baked beans. The beans were cooked with chunks of ham and diced sweet peppers.
This stop was a interesting diversion from my normal NC barbecue experience. We didn't do any more barbecue on the rest of the trip out to Seattle.


Pittsburgh BBQ said...

I visited that place too, they have a very nice bbq and the service is great.

Anonymous said...

I stopped at Double J's one night with my family. Let me tell you I was not pleased at all. My waitress was polite and answered all my questions and brought our food in a prompt manner which was great but then the owner came over and begun talking to us, he reeked of alcohol. He began telling us about the food, sauce, the way it was prepared and how he had just gotten his liquor license and had begun selling beer all the while shouting over the tv, which was directly above us and set at such a high volume that I thought my ear drums would burst. He raved about the strawberry pie and I just had to try a piece...when I ordered the waitress told me they were out. My son ordered cheesecake and at such a high price all he recieved was a mere crumb. My wife wanted the icecream that was listed on the menu, big surprise they were out. The owner came out several times and took beer from the cooler and went into the back which would explain the stench of alcohol. The food was decent but the fact that the owner was drinking on the job (might I add he seemed to be well past drunk) in a family style restaurant was enough to leave me without an appetite. Had I known this from the beginning I would have packed my family up and left. He should be ashamed for behaving like that in his own establishment. Never again would I visit Double J's let alone recommend it.

Christina said...

Rude. How can you even try the food when the ignorant wait staff ignore you? I waited over 5 minutes to be asked what I wanted and finally walked out. Why waste your time.

Jeanette said...

Update on Double J's BBQ Ranch: I just became aware of your blog & reviews. Double J's is a family-owned and run restaurant. As one of those family members, I have a sincere concern for our customers' experiences, I also have a sincere concern for the owner whose behavior has been offensive to some customers. I'm proud to say that he has acknowledged his problems and worked very hard over the last two years to address them -and with great success. He is deeply and sincerely apologetic for any previous offenses. We appreciate your understanding. The restaurant now has an excellent manager, Jenny (family), who is striving very hard to please customers with great food and friendly, courteous service. She welcomes your comments and suggestions and doesn't want anyone to leave dissatisfied. She loves to meet customers and get their feedback. So does her daughter, Jessica, who sometimes waitresses. You'll love their southern (Georgia) charm (and accents). If you're in the area, give Double J's a try, and say hello to Jenny & Jessica before you leave. They're the new Double J's.