Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Acceptable - Short Sugar's 2, Reidsville

Address - 234 S Scales St, Reidsville NC Map
Style - Lunch Counter

There are two locations for Short Sugar's in Reidsville. Both are on South Scales Street. The larger restaurant is Short Sugar's Drive-in which is a sit-down restaurant. The other is Short Sugar's 2, a lunch counter in a downtown storefront. They certainly seem related, but I do not know their history. They are not related to the (IMO) better Short Sugar's in Danville VA, a half an hour's drive north.

The menu at the lunch counter is extremely limited. Basically, you can get a sandwich or a platter with the choice of minced, chopped and sliced. Sides are slaw and hushpuppies. I had a sliced sandwich and hushpuppies for a quick and cheap lunch. The meat had a good flavor, seemed to be smoked. The slaw on the sandwich was run of the mill. The hushpuppies were overcooked.

This is a place for a quick lunch; there is free parking on the street in front of the place. For more substantial meal, head down to the Drive-in or even up to Dansville.

Update: Short Sugar's 2 has closed. The main restaurant remains open.

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