Saturday, June 06, 2009

Acceptable - Dixie Belle's BBQ - Apex

Address - 1001 Davis Drive, Davis Drive Village, Apex, NC Web-site Map
Style - Counter Service

The new Dixie Belle's BBQ is in a strip mall anchored by a gas station. The Dixie Belle sign is visible from northbound Davis Drive coming up from US 64, but is not at all visible heading south from RTP. The restaurant is the typical coffeshop or sandwich place with a counter to order at and both cafe tables and high tables scattered around the floor. There is a sauce rack next to the soda machine with multiple commercial barbecue sauces, including Sticky Fingers from South Carolina, along with others from Memphis, St Louis and Austin. Even at the table, along with a house sauce marked Western, there were a couple of out-of-state commercial sauces.

My lunch was the Carolina Pork BBQ with potato salad with five hushpuppies. The pork was very good, obviously wood-smoked with a pleasing texture. The sides were exactly the same as my last visit at the old location. The potato salad was well made, but a little tart for my taste.

Purists will look down at the non-NC aspects of this place: the out-of-state sauces, the broasted chicken, etc. The pork barbecue is very good. If the fixin's were better, I'd give this place a Recommended.


CA said...

I'll have to try this one out. Maybe the sides will get better before we get out there.

If you do any barbecue or grilling of your own, be sure to check out the Father's Day contest on my blog. There are 5 coolers with sauce fixings. I have the kit, and it's a nice one.

Either way, hi from another NC barbecue fan. I check out your blog to see what you have to say about the restaurants. Tks for the reviews.

LittleMissClean said...

Stay away from Dixie Belle's BBQ in Apex Had a voucher and ended up paying more that I would have without it! Kids meals are usually free and they charged us it and then they added 18% gratuity & it's counter service. When we pointed it out they were rude. I usually would have made a huge stink but Addy & Devin were there.