Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Recommended - Bud's Barbecue, Cumnock NC

Address - 817 Cumnock Road, Sanford NC Map
Style - Sit-down Restaurant

Cumnock is a typical small NC town. The town is the center of an old mining district with multiple historic and a few current mines in the area. You can find a map of the mines in a small county park just north of town which surrounds an early twentieth century camelback truss bridge. When you go to Cumnock for the barbecue, the Deep River Bridge is worth your time. Bud's Barbecue is certainly worth your time.

Bud's is in a small building that does not stand out, except that there are virtually no commercial buildings in town. The interior is classic NC barbecue joint. Posted on the wall is a Best Barbecue in Lee County award. There are maybe dozen tables.

My lunch was a plate of chopped barbecue ( no sliced barbecue, here ) with hushpuppies, lima beans and fried squash. The barbecue was excellent with a nice scattering of red pepper and a mild vinegar sauce. I experimented with the table sauces. Both the vinegar sauce and molasses sauce were nicely defined and complemented the meat in their own way. The hushpuppies and lima beans were freshly made. These were what I expect in a good Southern restaurant. The fried squash was one of the best sides I have ever had in a Southern restaurant. The sliced yellow squash were lightly fried with a minimum of breading and oil. Overall, one of the best meals I have had in a barbecue joint in a long time.

There are other options on the menu. I would love to try more of the sides and maybe get to the non-barbecue after a couple of dozen visits.


Edwin White said...

We tried Bud's chopped barbecue the other night....along with slaw and collards. All were excellent. I am a North Carolinian and enjoy Bill's style of sauce and sides. We later had Bill cook 6 butts for an "at home" gathering of 75 people. We did the chopping (after his chopping lecture) which saved Bill some work....and us a few dollars. He supplied a gallon of sauce.....result.....absolutely delicious. Highly recommend Bud's....and Bill is a great host.

tim childress said...

I have been there many times. Billy has the best in the county by far. Many used to go to a place on US 1 South but it has gotten too mushy. It's worth stopping by and his ribs are just fall off the bone when he has them. Only regret is the lack of some skins on the menu. We all know that they aren't good for you but they are mighty tasty...Tim Childress

Anonymous said...

I stopped by Bud's midafternoon and found it closed. For future reference, hours of operation for the restaurants you rate would be appreciated. Bud's is open 11am-2pm M-F, and 5pm-8:30pm Thurs., Fri., and Sat. I hope to get by there some time when they're open.

Timbo said...

Let me start by saying I am a southerner by birth and raising and have been eating barbecue for over 40 years and have tried just about every style in these here United States, so I know a well cooked pig when I taste one.

I went to Bud's based on these recommendations and I do not agree with the "recommended" status. The BBQ is OK. I had the ribs and there were not smoked and smothered in sauce (a red flag in my book). The sides were below average. The mac-n-cheese was a box mix. The potatoes out of a can.

Here is the real kicker which will not make me a repeat customer. It took 15 minutes for out order to get taken and another 54 minutes after ordering to get served our food. We were served only after I told the waitress I had to leave in 10 minutes and had been waiting almost an hour.

This is unacceptable. When we asked the owner's wife what was the problem, she just said "oh well, that is the way it is sometimes". And I know that is the case and can accept that, but no apology was offered.

Bud's gets a C- in my book and was not worth the 40 minute driver to get there.

3fan4evr said...

Every restaurant has a bad day every so often. Timbo must've hit Bud's on a bad day.

I've been to Bud's many, many times as a lunch destination for our weekday motorcycle rides from Raleigh. I can honestly say, each time "my" food was delicious. Now depending on the time, service can be pretty slow because their lunchs are very busy, and sometimes with only one server.

Never any complaints about the food from any of the group. Always very tasty. I give Bud's a B+++ !!

Tom said...

Hate to tell the born-and-bred southerner that Bud's serves beef. Understood that he may not know the difference if he's never tasted it.
Bud's does have Bar-B-Q, but brisket, racks of rib, steaks are better than in most 3-4 stars. At a country price.