Thursday, March 22, 2007

"What's your beef" by Greg Cox

In yet another pro-Rub's posting, Greg Cox from the N&O lauds their beef brisket sandwich.

Executive Summary
The beef brisket sandwich at Rub's is good enough to be considered Carolina barbecue.
The beef brisket sandwich at Rub's is pretty good. It's chopped and has more personality than their barbecue. The competition for a good beef brisket sandwich in the Triangle is pretty slim. Would-be contenders are Danny's (my favorite), Jim's Original / Red Hot and Blue and the Q Shack.
If it's not pork, it is not Carolina barbecue, period. Beef brisket, Austin-style, is my favorite, but you have to go to Austin for that.

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Hogwild said...

...or you can cook your brisket at home. ;-)