Saturday, March 10, 2007

Recommended - Fuzzy's Pit Cooked Bar-B-Q, Madison NC

Address - 407 Highway Street, Madison, NC 27025 Map
Style - Sit-down restaurant

Fuzzy is not a word I'd like to apply to barbecue, but Fuzzy's in Madison has been serving barbecue since 1954. Originally a drive-in, now this restaurant has sit-down, carry-out and catering. The building is wrapped in windows, so reflective that you cannot see inside. The only indication that it is a restaurant is the sign at the street. The woodpile next to the building by the catering entrance shows that the smoker is a wood burner.

The menu boasts that they only use lean pork and smoke over hickory. The resulting product is excellent. I ordered a sliced pork tray, which came with red slaw and hush puppies. The pork was among the best I've had at any restaurant. The slaw was very good, with just enough sauce. The hush puppies were made in long strands, which broke into irregular lengths. The only off note was that the hush puppies were unevenly cooked, with most of the hush puppy cooked right, with some parts overcooked to dry. Overall, this meal was a good experience.


Anonymous said...

In the earlier days, couldn't beat it with a hickory stick. Now, not so good, at all.

Anonymous said...

I love it. I have never had anything bad there. The BBQ is awesome!

Anonymous said...

I had much rather have Brookwood Farm BBQ from the store than to have this fat ladden slop that Fuzzys serves. Not even a comparison.

Anonymous said...

The family made a weekly trip from out of town to eat at Fuzzy's BBQ. We arrived around 11:30 and sat at a booth. We were promptly waited on and then left there sitting for over 30 mintues. It was not very crowded and our waitress checked on the order and said it was coming up. We saw our food come up and just sit at the window. When it was finally picked up, one burger was burned, the other one was cold and the BBQ was tasteless. We were told they were busy. Seriously?? Needless to say, it will be our last trip there.