Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Acceptable - Hog Heaven, Washington NC

Address - 1969 W 5th St, Washington, NC Map
Style - Sit-down restaurant

Some barbecue restaurants sell t-shirts or jars of their sauce at the cash register. Hog Heaven appears to have be a gift shop behind the cash register. It looked a little tacky.

The waitress brought a plate of hushpuppies and corn sticks before ordering. Both hush puppies and the corn sticks were dry and just edible. I ordered a barbecue plate, which came with slaw and bread (the hush puppies and corn sticks). When the plate came, it was just covered with a layer of barbecue. The slaw came in a separate dish for serving family style. The amount of slaw seemed to be small for the size of the party (as was the number of hush puppies and corn sticks), but in both cases, it didn't matter due to lack of interest in the food. The barbecue was acceptable, typical eastern style, with a nice note of vinegar. The quality of the meat earns this place an acceptable, but just.

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