Sunday, February 05, 2006

Acceptable - Ole NC Barbecue, Durham

Address - 3600 N Duke St, Durham Map
Style - Sit down Menu or Buffet Restaurant

After a long cold, I finally get back to visitting barbecue restaurants.

Old NC Barbecue is a sentimental favorite. The food is not memorable, but the barbecue is pretty good, especially for a buffet.

When I was seated, I was asked whether I was going to order from the menu or buffet. I suppose that they try to seat people accordingly to keep buffet goers from inconveniencing the others. I was hungry and went for the buffet. I had barbecue, roast chicken, brunswick stew, potato salad and hushpuppies. The only notable item was the barbecue. It's typical eastern style with a little bite. After a decent plate, I hit the desserts including apple cobbler, banana pudding and banana creme pie.

Someday, I will not be so hungry and try the menu.

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