Thursday, December 22, 2005

Acceptable - Lewis Barbecue (Morrisville), Now South House Cafe

This was another branch of the Lewis chain of low key barbecue places. I had the ribs with stew, yams and huch puppies. The ribs were fattier than I like and the sides weren't as good as the other Lewis ( on 55 south of 54 ). They do not served sliced pork, only barbecue. All in all, this place was low end of acceptable.

The building used to house one of the 1910 Diner's, which were pretty good lunch places. These were run by a father and son. When the father retired, they closed the one on NC 55, which became China One. Eventually the son sold the one on old Aviation Parkway. The new owners kept the name, but changed the menu entirely, which was a complete letdown. The building has been vacant for a while and now is a Lewis. The 1910 Diner had a barbecue chicken sandwich, which was a grilled patty covered in a barbecue sauce. It was pretty good, if no relation to NC barbecue.

UPDATE: This Lewis has been sold and renamed to South House Cafe. A review is forthcoming.