Saturday, February 25, 2006

Recommended - BBQ & Ribs Co. - Graham

Address - 501 South Main Street Graham, NC 27253 Map

From the outside, the looks of this place shouted mediocrity. It is very much a fast food restaurant. Inside, they have paper towels and BBQ sauces on the tables. The food is ordered at a typical fast food restaurant cash register, but you get a number and the order is served to the table.
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The sliced pork, which came in chunks rather than slices, is fantastic. The barbecue chicken is coated with a thick (for Eastern style) BBQ sauce, which does not overwhelm the properly cooked chicken. The side dishes were acceptable.

This has become, on just a couple of visits, one of my favorite "fast" food restaurants, as well as one of the best barbecue restaurants. It is definitely a hidden treasure.