Thursday, October 12, 2006

Recomended - McCall's BBQ & Seafood Restaurant - Clayton

Address - 10365 US Highway 70 West in Clayton, NC 27520 Map Website
Style - Sit-down restaurant with buffet

After wasting time looking around Smithfield for a particular restaurant that I could not find, I ended up driving up US 70 looking for a place to eat. The only BBQ I knew of in Clayton was Smithfield's, but any BBQ is better than none. About two miles from Clayton was a billboard for McCall's, which I had never heard of before. McCall's is across the highway from Smithfield's. Why not try something new?

The building looks a little industrial. It looks a little like a warehouse that has been covered with grey wood siding. The choice of grey just made it look more industrial. There are rocking chairs on a cement porch, which did not look real inviting. Inside the main restaurant is one huge room with high ceilings with a buffet stretched along one side. It was a little noisy for the number of diners.

I ordered lunch plate special. It came with two sides ( I took butter beans and stew ) and a trip to the dessert buffet. The pork was good. They smoke it on the premises and have a portable smoker for catering. It appears that they use gas, so the pork did not have that distinctive wood smoke flavor. The beans were nicely cooked, not the mush you sometimes get on a buffet. The stew was excellent. There were big chunks of pork in it and recognizable vegatables. The server brought a basket of hushpuppies partway into the meal, which were fresh cooked and excellent. The portion of pork was ample and I finished everything but the hush puppies. There were just too many to finish. I had what a blueberry cheese cake which was served in a flat pan on the buffet. It was a nice finish to a decent lunch.

McCall's also has a restaurant in Goldsboro. It will be worth checking out. This is definitely superior to the Smithfield's.

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Nikki said...

This wonderful restaurant was destroyed a little past 10:00 a.m. today when a small aircraft crashed into the building, killing the pilot. The manager and 10 employees in the kitchen escaped unharmed. In 30-60 minutes, it would have been open for lunch and full of customers and additional employees. Please pray for all these fine people and for the family of the pilot.