Saturday, July 22, 2006

Recommended - Brookwood Farms BBQ, Siler City NC

If you do not make your own barbecue (and who does?), Brookwood Farms sells excellent barbecue in Harris Teeter and other large supermarkets around central NC. The barbecue is a reddish color, incorperating a little tomato from the west, but has a vinegar tang from the east. There are lots of the brown crispy bits emblematic of fire cooked barbecue. This barbecue is better that what I find in half the restaurants that I recommend in this blog.

My teenage son has started eating barbecue and he picked it out in the store. I had always considered supermarket barbecue to be lowest common denominator meat, that would need sauce or spice to make it edible. Brookwood Farms is great right out of the tub. Heat it in a sauceban and enjoy.

Their website is here.


Johnny Smoke said...

I was just in Charlotte this week and unfortunately didn't have time to hit a barbecue, but lucky for me I saw the Brookwood Farms shop in the CLT airport on my way to my gate. I had a pork sandwich and some veggies. The bun was a little dry so I scrapped off the meat and ate sans bread. The flavor was good and it hit the spot for a hungry traveler. I hope to be doing a lot of business in Charlotte this year. I'll be coming back to your site for recommendations and feedback.

For the record, I grew up in KC and now live in TX so I think I have a pretty good eye (tastebuds) for good Que. Brookwood Farms passed the inital test. I'd like to try their restuarant when I come back.

Anonymous said...

My wife shopped at our Kroegers in Waynesboro, Va. We have tried some of the so called BBQ. She saw Brookwood Farms on sale and purchased one Vinegar based and one of tomato. I will vouch that the vinegar based is one of the best of any bbq house including
Piggy Park in West Columbia, S.C. where i grew up with his bbq. My wife after supper went back to get some more while on sale. Purchased 6 more pounds.Hoping Kroeger will continue carring this . Do you ship from Siler City?

Anonymous said...

I had the same issue flying down to Raligh the other day. I flew into RDU for a meeting and when I went back to the airport I had a layover. I noticed the Brookwood Farms restuarant and gave it a try. It was delicious. You tell it had been smoked and the vinegar sauce was very god. Overall, this was very good bbq...and I am from Dallas.

Anonymous said...

Leave out the artifical smoke and all spices except red pepper and vinegar it will be great. I like the lean pulled texture, however we threw it all away because of the terrible tast of artifical smoke. Maybe you could market some non smoked and none spicey. AD, Rocky Mounr, NC