Thursday, March 31, 2005

Acceptable - Lexington #1, Lexington NC

Address: 10 Highway 29-70 South, Lexington NC
Style: Table Service

Here I am back in Lexington, trying to find decent barbecue. Maybe I just favor the vinegar tang of Eastern barbecue, but I find the Lexington meat bland. The Lexington branded restaurants are well spoken of, so let's try one out.

I ordered the sliced tray, which should be enough for lunch. The tray is small, not much larger than the tray of hushpuppies. It contains one quarter decent red cabbage slaw and three quarters chunks of pork. The pork is soaked in liquid and a bit bland. The meat is cooked well, but there is no personality. I douse a little of a bottled (not made in house) sauce to give it some pep.

The hush puppies are decent. They have a corn meal coating, which makes them crunchier than eastern puppies. The waitress brings me a second tray, which is nice.

Maybe next time will be the charm for Lexington.


Anonymous said...

Next time you are in Lexington, try Speedys. IMO - better barbecue than Lexington #1.

Ben said...

Lexington BBQ is comfortably the best cue in NC. I am not sure why you did not have a good meal, but try it again and order the "coarse chopped outside brown" if this does nto send you into porcine raptures then you may as well turn vegan.

David said...

I have to wonder at your frame of reference: you rate Danny's as "Recommended" and Lexington #1 (aka Honey Monks) as "Acceptable"?!? Seriously?!? I echo Ben: LB is comfortably the best cue in NC.

Anonymous said...

I have found Lexington BBQ stands head and shoulders above ANY eastern style I have ever tried...and I have tried them all. You want vinegar just eat at any Eastern NC BBQ place. You want hickory smoke Lexington style.