Thursday, March 24, 2005

Acceptable - Bob's Barbecue, Creedmoor NC

Address: 1589 NC Highway 56, Creedmooor NC
Restaurant Style: Steamtable Service

Bob's was the first BBQ restaurant that I ever ate at. I was still living in Michigan, but was on a business trip to RTP and visiting a plant in Creedmoor. The guys from manufacturing took me there to introduce me to NC barbecue. That was fifteen years ago. I did not know anything about barbecue. I had not been back and had not wanted to rate this place until I visited it again.

The restaurant is very much a working class lunch spot, with bare tables and minimal ambience.

I ordered BBQ and Stew combination. It came with slaw and hushpuppies. All were served from a steam table in styrofoam dishes, as is usual in such a place.

The barbeque had a decent body to it, but was a little bland. Adding a little of the table BBQ sauce made it quite nice. The hushpuppies were dry after too long on the steam table.


Anonymous said...

You're just a damn yankee that shouldn't be rating BBQ, Bob's is one of the best around.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the 'damn yankee', the BBQ is quite bland. I frequently eat and Bob's and love the place and those that work there, but the bbq is only acceptable with doctored up with the sauce at the table. I usually order the other items on the menu which are quite good. Would recommend Bob's to anyone, but just not the BBQ. By the way, I was born, raised and fed on NC BBQ.