Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A Disappointment - White Swan, Smithfield

Address - Hwy 301 South, Smithfield NC Map
Style - Sit-down Restaurant Website

White Swan has been around Smithfield for decades. This is the central location, a group of buildings that contains a small bbq restaurant open for lunch, a separate steak restaurant that is open for dinner, the smokers and the catering offices.

The web-site has a full lunch and dinner menu, but there was no sign of it in the restaurant. There was a single card menu with a few entries. These includes a barbecue sandwich, chicken and ribs. Since the only option to try the barbecue was to get a sandwich with hushpuppies and tea, that's the way I went. It is hard to judge barbecue from one sandwich, but it at least was edible. The hushpuppies were edible, but I have to reserve judgment for later.

White Swan lists six locations, including two in the immediate Smithfield area. These two are in gas stations, so obviously the barbecue is made at the main location and brought over. If I get to one of the White Swan's with a full menu, I'll do a full review then.

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