Thursday, April 27, 2006

Barely Acceptable - Mr Barbecue and Stuff, Mall Food Courts

Out Christmas shopping, I stopped at the Mr Barbecue in the food court. I hadn't eaten at one in ages.

I ordered a small BBQ plate, which came with hushpuppies (two!) and two sides. The sides are in a steam table and didn't look too great. I had boiled potatoes and deep-fried vegatable sticks, which I had had a long time ago and they were pretty good then.

The barbecue was not as bad as it could be. It had a little spicy kick and some body to it. The sides were bleah. The hushpuppies were solid. The potatoes were edible. The veggie sticks were not as good as I remembered.

Next time, I'll hit one of the better, non-BBQ, places at the food court.

Update: The Mr Barbecue has disappeared from Northgate Mall in Durham.

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