Friday, May 20, 2005

Acceptable - Byrd's Bar-B-Que, Durham

Address: 2816 Cheek Rd, Durham NC
Style: Order at counter, served at table

Byrd's is back in business, according to the waitress, since February. I know that I checked it out about then, but it was not open. I must have just missed it. Matt Pendergraft, from the defunct Durham Sandwich Company, has reopened the restaurant.

I ordered the sliced plate with hush puppies and slaw, which came with a slice of Texas toast, as well. Hush puppies is a side option, rather than part of the plate, as I would expect. The sliced pork was sliced thicker than I would expect. I needed a (plastic) knife to cut the pieces. It was a little fatty, but not too bad with a touch of their decent barbecue sauce. Everything is served on disposable dishes. Obviously they are geared more for the carryout business.

The restaurant is pleasant, though small. It is going to take a couple of visits to get a feel for the place.

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Anonymous said...

Byrd's BBQ on Cheek Rd. in Durham, NC has been reopened since Tuesday February 8, 2005. The source of this site does not know the difference between sliced bbq, pulled bbq or beef brisket. His plate consisted of pulled bbq, green beans, homemade brunswick stew, and texas toast. the waitress, being generous, brought him a sample of the smoked beef
brisket and hushpuppies.