Thursday, November 04, 2004

Acceptable - Dillard's, Durham

Address: 3921 Fayetteville St, Durham, NC
Restaurant: Steamtable

Dillard's has obviously expanded. The kitchen and serving line fill an older building. The seating area has been added, wrapping around the front of the building. They've left the old exterior wall as it was, which is a little strange. The food is served in the serving line in disposeable dishes. Catering and carry out seems to be the rule with dine-in as an afterthought.

I had a chopped pork plate with slaw and yams. The chopped pork seemed a little pasty, which is usually not a good thing, but the meat had a definite flavor. There was a small cup of very good barbecue sauce, whch made the meal. The sides were average. There were only three hushpuppies with the plate, which was disappointing.

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tarheelfan72 said...

This place stinks. It is basically mustard based and the meat is not good. The comment about dine in being an afterhtought is correct. When I went, they friggin heated my food up in a microwave!